AttunementEnter Text

Come, experience the place within yourself where there is no stress or strife, where life flows with ease and assurance...

~A spiritual renewal art & way of living~

Attunement offers an immediate experience of tranquility and well-being. It also initiates a process of remembering who you truly are and what you are here on earth to do. As the cloud of forgetting is dissolved a new awareness dawns. Coordinated living within the natural creative design then becomes easy and fluid.


Jana Stiles has practiced, taught, lived and breathed Attunement since 1989. She resided in one of the spiritual communities founded by Lloyd Meeker, was a member of the Attunement team in the community, and provides a public Attunement service. Adding Attunement at Sea; Dolphins, Water, & Consciousness has expanded the dimensions of her Attunement practice over the past 30 years.

Gary Stiles provides Attunement as an integral part of working with individuals. With a background in Meditation, Aikido, CranioSacral Therapy, communal living, organic farming, and a love of the ocean and dolphins he brings a wide range of experience to Attunement.Enter Text