Dolphin Appreciation

What a rare and exquisite experience spending hours and days in such close contact with our ambassador dolphin friends in warm ocean water. There are only a few places in the world where it is possible to commune with dolphins in such an extraordinary way. I relish the feeling of running my hands over the dolphins' skin and their buttery soft warm under-bellies, of hearing their breathing and vocalizations from their blow holes right next to me, of the amazement of watching these powerful mammals rocket to the surface and stop perfectly still in the water inches from me, of hugging, talking and singing to them as I sense them scanning me with their sonar, and of relaxing in their presence enjoying their sweet benevolent nature as they connect with everyone who enters their water world. Probably because of scenes in popular movies, many imagine that you can touch or 'ride' dolphins in the wild. But this is simply not possible. Reaching out toward a dolphin in the wild can be interpreted as aggression and the dolphin swims away faster than you can blink. There are different experiences and interaction with the wild dolphins and I encourage you to experience both venues.

Facilitating the individual sessions with participants is just pure bliss. Attunement is a significant part of this experience as you float before me and you are free to move weightless in multiple dimensions. Connecting in consciousness with the warm ocean water, the dolphins, and those who have come to share this experience I witness the magic of the process that unfolds for each individual as they rest in the safety of a deep peace that allows for transformation on many levels. The dolphins are capable and willing to take us to places in the inner realms beyond any we have imagined.

I am always in awe and appreciation for this extraordinary service these dolphins provide to humanity and to their fellow cetaceans by being the Ambassadors between our two worlds. They have helped countless humans over many years awaken to the sensitivity that is required to care for our planet and all of life. From the many stories of dolphin fascination and cooperation with humans to the fact that they are conscious breathers, that a pod of females can choose the timing of births, to watching dolphin pairs or groups choose, create, coordinate and execute an activity, and the evidence that they are super conscious self-aware beings who, day after day, bring an uplifting joy to all who meet them, I am honored and humbled to be in their presence.

I'm reminded of a cartoon I saw years ago depicting two dolphins out at sea pointing and referring to the people on the shore--one dolphin says to the other about the people: "we know they make sounds and noises but there is still no evidence that they are actually communicating." WE are the ones who have much to learn and experience about our true nature--and the dolphins are willing participants whenever we leave our mind-made expectations aside and reside in the design that Life has for all of us.

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