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Attunement, as developed by Lloyd Arthur Meeker in the 1930’s, is a form of energy work, focused primarily on the endocrine system in the body as the seals or gateways between the inner planes of our being and the outer forms of body, mind, and emotion. It is based in the simple truth that at our very core we are healthy, resilient, creative, awake, and divine. Meeker was seeking a means to directly access, recall, and experience this core and allow it to expand into all other levels of  our living.

For you, an Attunement session consists of relaxing in a recliner chair in a quiet atmosphere while the Attunement practitioner places hands near your head and body. Deeply resting is important and often sleep comes easily, but it’s also important to have a sense of receiving and responding to the energy that is being extended to your system as there tends to be ‘a filling out’ of this energy which continues long past the session. Be sure to ask questions or let your practitioner know if there are any distractions that are affecting your ability to fully rest and relax. Most sessions are 30-40 minutes but some may be longer depending on the need. It may seem strange, but Attunement sessions are sometimes done from a distance, at an agreed time, when there is need and it is not possible to meet in person. This can work for you just as effectively if not more so. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to experience both.

Attunement workshops are also available to you if you’d like to learn the basics of this gentle work to be able to use the techniques for your family or pets. Ask your practitioner about ways you can attend the many classes available. Actually, there is no end to exploring Attunement as it naturally becomes an effortless way of living. There has been quiet but steady progress extending Attunement to individuals and groups around the world, in many countries, and two primary organizations exist to continue this work which is taught and practiced by a wide range of Attunement practitioners. For more information see the resources listed in this website.

Over the past 15 years we have had a special opportunity to explore offering Attunement sessions while you are floating in water. This can be done in shallow water in a pool, lake, or in the ocean. Sound and vibration are 4-5 times more intense in water than in air. When dolphins are nearby this adds another dimension to Attunement. Please enjoy the articles in this website which describe this extraordinary experience.

**Please note that while we respect the practice of Reiki which is sometimes referred to as Reiki Attunement the practice and basis of Attunement is significantly different.

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